3 thoughts on “Discardian Question of the Day #1”

  1. That’s what I did with my old digital camera. I thought about it and sent it on to my sister and her husband. They don’t have a digital camera and we’re on our third.


  2. Yes very much so I have the same feelings.
    I dont believe I own anything since , once you own something you don’t own yourself, you become a possession to what you own. So I have the same feelings, whenever having something which would be better for someone else, I just give it to them. Makes my life better and also the other persons life better.
    Kewl site 🙂
    What i love is that our culture is slowly changing since people are beginning to discover a material life style isnt better, people are instead slowly beginning to discover themselves, and thats the new revolution, which I am working towards 🙂
    A Personal Tao


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