Outbound Traffic

If you don't already have them, take a moment right now to set up places for things that are about to depart your home.

– You probably already have wastebaskets, but do you have a Recycling Area? The kitchen is a good spot. If you're lucky like me, you can put the recycling all together in one paper bag and just drop the whole bag in the big bin outside. Get in the habit of sorting your mail over this bag and spare yourself the stacks of junk mail around the house.

– If you use the library (and you should since it's FREE, after all), dedicate one spot for items ready to return to the library. A canvas bag on a shelf in the front hall is good. Save yourself having to hunt for something to carry Library Goodies away in and for bringing the new loot home.

– Set a Charity Bag (or box) up in a corner where it's handy but not in your line of sight from the spots where you sit to relax. Whenever you come across something that's not trash, but you also know you'll never really use it again, walk right over and put it where it belongs. Next time you're heading out for errands, grab that stuff and drop it off at Goodwill or wherever. (Personally, I rarely have anything making it worth waiting for a receipt, so it takes almost no time to make my home nicer and someone else's life better).

– Make a Give Back Basket and put in it all the things that need to go back to the person they were borrowed from. You can also put small gifts and your own loaned items there. When someone visits or you're heading to their place, take a quick look in the basket for anything to give them.

– Find, buy or make an aesthetically satisfying tray to act as your inbox for bills and receipts. Don't muddy it with non-financial stuff – get a separate inbox for that if you need one. The Bills Box is where you should keep the postage stamps.

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg https://www.patreon.com/kabalor

One thought on “Outbound Traffic”

  1. Wow! Something I have already done! I’m so happy. I get to take a day off (or do something from another day’s instructions…


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