Bag 3: Crafty Cruft

Many people engage in some kind of projects that involve supplies. Knitting. Carpentry. Scrapbooking. Stained glass. Building Linux servers. Whatever.

When one has a hobby, somehow, through a magical process, the supplies for that hobby proliferate beyond reasonable bounds. Perhaps they breed in the closets, but in any case, one day (today, for instance) you take a look and realize you have far more supplies than you've ever used since taking up the hobby.

Get a paper grocery bag and fill it up with your excess craft cruft. Depending on the hobby and the stuff, give it to a school or charity or throw it back in a dumpster (which may be where you rescued it from in the first place).

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

2 thoughts on “Bag 3: Crafty Cruft”

  1. Could it be that you remember an armoire packed and bulging with fabrics which had been meant to become ever so many wonderful things…
    Since giving it away, I have been much more guarded in acquisition.


  2. Heh. I fear I have memories closer to my current home to make me need to do this exercise.
    I kinda always liked that fabric cupboard actually. And we did make things. um, now and then. oh all right, yes, yes, we would go to the fabric store when we were doing the new projects, not the cupboard. It’s true. We confess.


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