Fresh Eyes: Living Room

Today think about what you want to use your living room for. Now go in there and look at it with new eyes; is it serving those purposes?

What doesn't belong? Where else could it go? (Not the bedroom; you started decluttering that last week). Move the things that hinder you from using this space out of your way.

What's missing? When I did this exercise a while ago, I realized that what I like is having friends over for meals and games. What I sorely needed was a table and enough chairs for them to sit on – the standing dinner party has never caught on for good reason. Fortunately, when I then told one of my friends that I was thinking of going shopping for a good table, he said "oh, we have a great one in the basement and 3 chairs; they're yours!". Sometimes all it takes is expressing a need for an opportunity to present itself. What  would give this room what it needs to function well?

Could you rearrange things to suit your favorite activities better? If you like to sit and talk with people, do you have comfortable sitting arranged so that you are facing each other? My living room suffered from "theater seating" which cramped conversation as everyone would twist sideways to see your face.

What about the things you use for these activities you want to do here? Are they somewhere else in the house? Bring them in here where they belong. Once I got my table, I pulled all my board games out of a dresser drawer in my bedroom and put them out in view on a shelf in the living room. Much more inviting and, I assure you, much more frequently used since the change.

Fine tune your living room a little today and do some of those things you enjoy!

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

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