Make it easy, continued

Not only should you make things spatially convenient. You might want to consider temporal convenience as well.

I am not a morning person. Therefore anything I can do to make it go better is A Good Thing. The best tricks I've found so far are packing a lunch and setting out my clothes the night before, and making sure my backpack is all ready.

What could you do in advance to make your less competent moments a little better supported?

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

4 thoughts on “Make it easy, continued”

  1. If only I could teach the two year old to use the espresso machine so her crack of dawn wake up call (patting my cheeks–“Mommy? Mommy? I think it’s morning now”–more patting increasing in speed until she gets a response) wasn’t quite so painful…


  2. I have to prepare my stuff the night before too or I can’t manage to find anything in the mornings. I have about a 90% rate of forgetting anything which isn’t already packed up. I forgot my towel this morning when I went to the gym…. 😦


  3. Hey, this is cool ! I am a step ahead! I already do most of what yesterday’s tips recommend, and my morning is routine. Laptop bag is by the desk, laptop is on the desk, as well as cables. Keys are on the shelf by my bedroom door and go into my left jeans pocket; money, driver’s license and credit card are on the shelf too and go into my right jeans pocket.
    Anything extra-ordinary (like a bag of oranges to take to the office, gym bag to stash in the car, etc.) gets put by the door so I will see it when I leave.
    And I keep one of my vitamin/supplement bottles out on the kitchen counter rather than in the cupboard, because if I pack them all away and don’t see them, I always forget to take them. (And I have a backup jar with about a week’s supply on my desk at the office, so even i I do forget, I won’t have to go without.)


  4. I put things right next to or in my purse before going to bed so they are all organized in the morning. Lists are our friends! Used to leave things on a table but the cat would try to chew them up while everyone was sleeping. Also get clothes ready in the p.m. and try to prep as much as possible re: organizing before bedtime so before work time is not chaotic.


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