Bag 8: Media Purge

It's A/V day.

Take a paper sack and go to where you keep all your videos and/or DVDs. Find the ones you don't plan on watching again in the next year. Put them in the sack. We will sort through the sack later, so go ahead and put in those old family videos.

Hunt down the other stashes of video entertainment and do the same. Got a box of old 8mm home movies in the basement? Bring it up.

Find every form of generating a flickering image on a screen and pull together all the examples which you have to confess you won't watch this year.

Now, these get sorted into groups:
#1 – return it to its rightful owner
#2 – get rid of it (sell or donate)
#3 – archive it

Put all the #1 items in the Give Back Basket (see Outbound Traffic)

Put all the #2 items with other things you're planning to part with. It may be worth checking the value of some things to see if they're worth selling online, otherwise, it often pays off to see if you can get trade credit for your old movies and music at a store where you already like to shop. Movies are also often good performers at yard sales. Just turn them into money or credit if it's not too much work, and donate the rest to the library. (Reminder: Yes, the public library has movies.)

Sort the #3 items by media. They are now archiving projects.
– DVDs are probably okay for the moment, but since it's easy, I'd recommend making a backup copy of anything home produced that could not be replaced.
– Laser discs are  probably replaceable with current media and do you really still use the player? Don't keep things you don't have or plan to soon get a means to play.
– Videos are kind of a pain. If you still have a VCR that works great which you use regularly, then it's probably fine to have a box of old home videos in the basement. However, I do strongly recommend periodically backing them up onto alternate media such as DVDs since magnetic materials degrade.

For videos and older movie formats such as film, it's advisable to read up on how to store them for optimal survival and to investigate ways to make backup copies on current formats. Most communities have services who will transfer old media to new. This can be a really good investment for families who want to have multiple copies of those movies of great-grandpa & grandma.

In short, keep the things you use, protect the things you don't use regularly but treasure, and get the other stuff out of your way.

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

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