Manifesting Decisions

Yesterday I asked you to think about what you are and are not going to be spending time on henceforth.

Did you come up with some projects or commitments to bid farewell to? Today, take time to close those things out.

If there are physical materials that you won't want/need around anymore, decide their fate. Put things in the charity box or the trash. Take a picture of that unfinished painting or whatever to document how far you got (and maybe write a little story about why you chose that project and why you're now parting with it).

If it's something less tangible, say, participation in a club you don't have time for anymore, write a thank you & farewell letter or make a call to conclude your involvement. Acknowledge the good in the activity and then move on to what's a higher priority for you.

If it was something you'd added to your plate just for yourself – "I will learn Swahili in my spare time" or "I will read an entire new book every week" – don't forget to make some kind of parting gesture to confirm that this isn't just it fading down to the bottom of your current list, but coming off that list. It is not still floating out there as an obligation anymore.

Do watch out for those unconscious commitments you've made which show up when you examine where your time goes. By subscribing to magazines or the daily paper, you're committing to at least flipping through each issue. By getting Tivo or switching on the telly every night when you get home, you're choosing to spend your energy keeping up with tv shows. By buying video games, you're planning to spend time playing them. These are all perfectly okay choices, but make them consciously, weighing them against the other priorities you have in your life.

Make your choices and take some time today to rearrange your life to support that choice.

Me? I moved the tv out of the living room, took some of the games off my computer, and said  "kwaheri" to Swahili.

Make the path of least resistance be the path you most want to take.

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

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