Back to Basics

Sometimes things just slip a bit out of control and it can feel like you've lost all the ground you'd gained, but don't panic!

As I write this, I'm at home and sick for the third workday in a row. The pessamist in me wants to moan about how I'm "wasting" my personal time off and the email is piling up at the office and I'll have to overdo it to get things under any kind of control again and this cold won't go away and blah blah blah.

To still that voice, I'm getting myself back to a baseline level of normality. When things get out of hand, try this:

– Breathe deeply. Take 10 long breaths and let them out slowly.
– Take a shower and shave or at least wash your face, hands and the back of your neck.
– Brush and floss your teeth and splash a little mouthwash around in there.
– Make sure you're up to date on your medicines (in my case, allergy meds).
– Put on some comfortable clothes.
– Collect the trash & recyclables and put them by the door.
– Make a cup of tea.
– Open the curtains and let some light in.

Decide on one – just one – thing that needs to be done and do that thing without getting pulled off into other distractions.

When that's done. Decide one thing you'd really like to do – read a book, watch a movie, play a game, call a friend, whatever – and do that.

Don't panic. It's all going to come out fine.

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

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