Why do you have more than one of those?

There are some things you really only need one of, so why clutter up your life with multiples?

Are you actually the kind of person who ever uses a multi-head screwdriver in each hand? And while I understand an extra can opener in the emergency kit, do you really need three in the kitchen drawer? Come on. You aren't on the moon; there's a store nearby where you can get another if this one breaks.

Keep the best one and get rid of the inferiors.

For some things – corkscrews, for example – it's worth having one spare so an evening isn't ruined by a broken tool. (But if there's a corkscrew on your swiss army knife, as there is on mine, you've got your emergency backup, so get rid of the big extras).

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg https://www.patreon.com/kabalor

One thought on “Why do you have more than one of those?”

  1. This reminds me of a scene in the movie, “24 hours on Craigslist”, in which a woman is explaining how she came to have five strollers that she is now passing on.


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