Rediscover your kid feet

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, I walked all over the place. The library was a mile away and I regularly walked there carrying many books – even when I was a pretty small kid.

I remember going to the pet store and Pop's, the liquor store with the array of candy. As much as those urban destinations, though, I went with my friends up into the hills – still within a mile or less of home – but scrambling around on rocks & under trees, catching lizards, making up stories.

Or we'd head down to what is now the Martinez marina park, but was then a big tidal flat of trails through the cattails. I'm sure the walk home helped shake enough of the mud I acquired to prolong the life of our otherwise-doomed washing machine.

Pretend you don't have a car available to you and you don't have more than $5 saved up from your allowance. Gotta get home in time for supper, but otherwise you're free.

Go find the world near your home and do some kid stuff.

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

2 thoughts on “Rediscover your kid feet”

  1. Even as an older kid (as in college), I loved to walk places. I prided myself as a graduate student walking to my classes, although I lived quite a distance from campus. I always thought my dream job was one I could walk to. I was able to do that for a short period of time, and I hope I can return to that luxury.
    When I dated the man who has become my husband, I ‘tested’ him by requesting that we walk to the restaurant where we had reservations. The restaurant was not just a few blocks away. It was probably two miles! But he agreed, and that put another plus sign in my mental checklist of whether he was my soul mate or not. We’ve been married a wonderful fifteen years. (Thanks for letting me share this!)


  2. When my car finally died, I had an opportunity to replace it, but I decided not to. I spend time exploring my city’s pretty extensive public transportation, and have even taken random bus lines to nowhere in particular – just to explore where a that line goes, and to see whether it might be useful to me later. For $1.25, I get exercise, and get to do some local sightseeing, find new shops or entertainment, and then come home again without having felt frazzled by other drivers, or guilty over “wasting” gas. My endurance and energy have improved noticeably, too. (Not to mention the disposable income that not having a car to maintain, insure and park has freed up.)


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