Prioritize your energy

A lot of the time my advice is basically "just do it", but sometimes that isn't the right answer.

I have a guest room that is currently a halfway house for yard sale items, unfinished projects, and other miscellanea in a semi-confused state of existence in my daily life. I want to get it cleared out of the unimportant or no-longer-me stuff and turned into a space I really use. It weighs on me that I'm paying rent for that room and I don't make proper use of it.

However, today I have to concede that now is not the time. I have a massively busy schedule at work for the next month. I will be in a state of intense activity every day and have at least three conferences to prepare materials for.

This month, I'm closing the door. What am I paying that rent for? For the ability to put my personal chaos in another room and not have it detract from the peaceful, soothing nature of the rest of my home.

When you need some clarity and extra calm, find those resources you already have to help accommodate and relieve the stress-causing things in your life. Split the to-do list into "Must happen now" and "Can wait until things settle down" and absolutely do not worry about that second list.

What's the first thing on my important list? "Stay well and happy and unstressed".
What's second? "Support my family and friends as best I can".
What's third? "Perform well at work".
What's not on the list? "Clean out the armoire in the guest room".

Be sure that getting organized and uncluttered doesn't leave you overwhelmed all the time. Sometimes the best tactic truly is to just shove that crap in the closet and deal with it later. (Just don't put the bills in there or postpone later too long).

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

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