There must be a better way

Is there a whole class of clothing which you detest wearing, but which you find it hard to avoid?
Find an alternative.

For me, it's pantyhose. They don't breathe, the tan color looks weird to me, and I hate hate hate the way the waistband slips down. For years I didn't like wearing dresses or skirts to business or formal events because of the expectation of having to endure pantyhose. Now, when I decide to give up my pinstripe slacks for something a little more girly, I wear stockings or stocking-top hose in other colors & patterns .

What about you? What piece of clothing do you loathe and how do you get around it?

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

7 thoughts on “There must be a better way”

  1. I hate wearing a bra. I can never find one that fits correctly, and even if I find one that kind of fits, it’s always made of fabric that makes me itch.
    I tried going one summer without, but I ended up having a lot of pain in my chest area so that didn’t last very long. I don’t have a large chest, so I didn’t think it would matter, but it did.
    You would think someone would have invented something better by now.


  2. Someone has Clarissa!! – get yourself some of those great vest tops with hidden support – they have another layer of vest material inside which reaches to just under your bust with elastic to hold it to your body – it gives you support without the uncomfortableness of a bra – they are fab! – I used to take my bra off the moment I got home every day but these thigns are the best!!


  3. Heels over 1.5″ or any shoe with a pointy toe. I ditched nearly all my shoes except one pair of really good hiking/walking shoes for commuting and weekend wear, two black pairs of low-heeled, square or round toed dress shoes, one brown pair of same, and a pair of flip-flops.
    (I also loathe pantyhose, btw, so I wear no-show footies with my dress shoes, and no-show socks with the sneaks. Keeping my legs shaved and exfoliated, and using a small amount of a subtle self-tanner gives me enough color to look ok in a skirt.)


  4. YES!!
    I utterly hate dress pants: wool, tweed, khaki, bleck. Boring and universally ugly. They are completely unflattering to my figure, bunch up in odd places, the pockets and seams never lay flat, and they’re just super-uncomfortable.
    My 8-month alternative is pencil or tulip skirts. I will wear skirts 6 days a week in warm weather.
    In the winter, I go with slim/stovepipe-cut corduroys, or (denim-ish) cotton straight-leg pants in black and browns. Luckily, I work in an IT field where the dress code isn’t super-formal.


  5. @Clarissa – my best pick for bras are intimissi; comfy for IBTC gals!!
    Alternately, I second @Violetsrose’s suggestion: tank tops or camisoles with a “shelf bra” (kind of an internal bandeau) are THE BEST if you don’t need tons of support. I wear them in lieu of sports bras at the gym. They aren’t as binding/constricting as traditional sports bras, and do just what needs to be done.


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