Stack Attack!

Today, every time you are in a room in your house, you must eliminate 3 things from a stack that has piled up.

(Hiding in one room all day is not only cheating, it's ridiculous. You can do this!)

What stacks do you have?
At my house you'll sometimes, pre-stack attack, find the following:
– in the bedroom, dirty clothes on the floor and clean clothes to hang up draped on the chair;
– in the living room, things to return to other people, bills & receipts to process, miscellany to blog about; or write letters back to or newsletters & catalogs to read;
– in the kitchen, dirty dishes to wash and clean dishes to put away;
– in the Other room, unfinished projects and things that are destined to leave my home;
– in the bathroom, hmmm, not much, so this is a good candidate for hiding all day, I guess, except that I might then have to knuckle down to scrubbing the porcelain. Ick.

I got home about an hour ago (on Monday as I write this) and since then I've called my mobile phone provider about some bill question (left attached by magnet to my fridge to remind me to deal with it), heated up a quick & easy meal and ate it while on hold to Sprint listening to adequate jazz over a bad connection, put away all the clean dishes, put all the dirty dishes in the sink, put a bunch of stuff I need to give back to my folks in a box and wrote a note to go with it (all to be mailed from work tomorrow), found out that the library is missing issues #1-4 of a magazine I am about to get rid of issues #1-5 of so I'll donate 'em, and weeded six old catalogs & newsletters off the To Read stack and into the recycling bag because I don't really care if I read them. Oh, and wrote a Discardian post. 😉
Whee! I'm on a roll!

Try it!

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

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