Bonus Time

Stuck waiting? Try to prepare things that will allow you to consider it a treat.

– Bring that book you've been wanting to get time to read with you when you go to the DMV for a replacement license.

– Put a few podcasts or recordings of interesting lectures on your MP3 player for that time the train breaks down.

– Always have paper and a pen with you so you can think about something you've been wanting to plan out.

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

One thought on “Bonus Time”

  1. I took up knitting a few years ago. I find that just a few minutes of waiting time here and there spent knitting adds up quickly to wonderful knitted things for myself or gifts. Just another way to use those moments productively and fun.


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