Do Your Worst Wednesday II

Here it is Wednesday again. How was it having those unfavored tasks chipped away at last week? Did the little bit of progress help unstick a stuck project? Was it pleasing to have that loathed chore done and not nagging you?

This week's worst is again in two parts:

1. Bureaucracy
Take care of one tedious bureaucratic chore that has been malingering on your list. Make that appointment to renew your driver's license, set up direct deposit for your paychecks with your HR department at work, refill those prescriptions, whatever will give you that lovely "*phew*, that's finally done" feeling.

2. The Worst Room
At home, what room is the biggest mess? As I write this, my "guest" room is so cluttered with the things I'm going to donate to charity that it would be really difficult to have anyone visit. Where's the core of your physical chaos? Give it 30 minutes of focused attention today. It may be that it's such a disaster all you can do is write down the plan of all the steps that need to happen to recover that space. That's okay, just be sure you use all 30 minutes and get started on step one as soon as you can.

My friend Mena got inspired when her husband was off on a trip and surprised him on his return with a beautiful new sitting room she'd unearthed from under the piled boxes, junk mail, and random crud that had piled up in their spare room. A whole extra room in your home for just the price of some cleaning up and maybe a little new furniture to round out the new look? That's a deal!

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

3 thoughts on “Do Your Worst Wednesday II”

  1. Thank you. Sometimes I just need that kick in the butt!
    Finally sat down and sent the medical bils in to the Flex plan. I hate to do it, stupid paperwork! Took me an hour and a half but they will send a check for $330. Why do I put it off?


  2. I was inspired to finally sort out my internet billing debacle and get my banking sorted out. I had been putting some of this off since June. It feels wonderful!


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