Don’t Let Imaginary Obligations Stress You Out

Sometimes we act as though we have a lot more loaded on ourselves than we really do. We set up these expectations not with others, necessarily, but with ourselves which can then prevent us from meeting real deadlines without feeling overwhelmed.

Suppose, for example, you started a weblog that you try to have new content in every day. (I know, I know; where do I get these crazy examples?) If you aren't charging for the "service" and you're not being paid for it, it needs to be in your mental category of Optional not Required activities.

Yes, it's good to set goals and keep up with them. Yes, it leads to improved skills or other benefits. But, ya don't gotta!

The things you do have to do by a certain time or on a certain day will sometimes add up to a large list. This is when you can make an agreement with yourself to put other things on hold.

If a window of low stress comes during your break and you feel like it, sure, but do not feel a speck of guilt over making a plan to opt out of optional activities for a set period of time.

Keep yourself happy and relaxed and rewarded.


As you may guess, this tip comes with the announcement that Discardian will be on holiday until mid-September. Please enjoy the archives in the meantime and happy discarding!

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

6 thoughts on “Don’t Let Imaginary Obligations Stress You Out”

  1. Enjoy a well-earned good break (not that you shouldn’t have a “just because” break, mind you). Travel safe and have fun doing whatever.


  2. Enjoy your vacation!
    I have a travel tip I discovered by accident. When you travel, roll up one days worth of your socks and underwear together so you can reach in and grab one thing instead of three. Normally I just dump everything into the big pocket, so this has really saved me from fishing around in my suitcase for clean socks. I’m thinking that for my next trip, I’ll roll up a t-shirt around them and have everything I need for the day, without having to sift through and see what still matches…


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