Optimize your high

"Smaller, better." is my new mantra. Have less of better quality stuff and savor it.

I am enjoying this with Japanese home cooking which is beautiful and delicious and actually involves a lot less overall intake of food, as well as mostly eating stuff that's better for you. I also must say this is how I approach my vices. Gourmet cheese. Artisan chocolates. 1920's size cocktails from the classic recipes.

In this latter category I cannot emphasize the benefits highly enough. A really well made classic cocktail is a wonderful thing, and when savored over twenty minutes or more in small sips and followed by good sparkling water or a tonic & lime creates a convivial mood without consigning one to drastic sleepiness, nausea, or idiocy.

The really key factor here is size – smaller plates for food, smaller glasses for cocktails. Those 8oz vats that you get things with godawful names like "Chocotini" in are right out.

Go for a very small rocks glass and 3oz cocktail glasses NOT filled to the rim. Room for garnish and to admire the lovely flecks of ice in a well cracked, shaken & stirred drink!

Also, there's nothing wrong with gradually mixing yourself down. Start with a drink that's 2oz alcohol (a classic Old Fashioned, say) and then on your second, change the proportions down to 1.5oz. If you have a third, make it a half, and a fourth is just the hint of a drink. Between each of course, keep having 8-12oz of water and you'll be the life of the party and not miserable the next day.

I'm not sure that I can get away with a Discardian post on the benefits of top shelf liquor, but really, truly, you'll feel better if you don't drink well booze and instead call your drinks to use a better brand. Drink less and better, and if you're off the alcohol then go ahead and get the good stuff when it comes to soft drinks, fruit juices, and sparkling water when you're out on the town or entertaining. Everyone, balance the expensive stuff with water to keep yourself hydrated and you'll enjoy yourself more that night and the next morning.

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg https://www.patreon.com/kabalor

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