Let go of your silly attachment to this flesh you inhabit

All Soul's Day is a good time to remember that your body will serve you no purpose after you die.

Identify yourself as an organ donor and let your family know you want to have your body parts distributed to someone who needs them after you've passed on.

Learn more at organdonor.gov or search for a similar resource in your country if you're outside the United States.

Catalog Avalanche

Here they come, the seasonal wave of fat catalogs overflowing your mailbox!

You will almost certainly get some from companies you've never done business with and have no interest in doing business with. Don't just toss these.

Put them by the phone and then when you're doing some task that allows for having a phone by your ear (I do this in the kitchen usually), call them up and ask to be removed from their mailing list.

Yes, it's kind of a pain to make the call, but it really does help reduce the flow of junk mail once you've been doing this for a while. I get far less than I used to.

Don’t be so worried about forgetting things

Yes, as we get older there do seem to be more moments when we can't remember something, but that's hardly surprising when you think about it.

The older you get the more information and experiences you've taken in and it doesn't seem odd to me that it would grow more difficult to pull a particular fact out of a increasing pile of other facts.

Today, take some time to think about that which you do remember now and want to keep remembering later. We humans have an amazing memory tool that you can use to great effect in this area – it's called writing. Plus there's that speech trick too, which is also handy.

– Label your old photos with who is in them.

– Take pictures of things with a story and write the story down to keep with it. Flickr and Vox are particularly handy for this.

– Talk into a tape recorder or an audioblog service like Hipcast or Odeo and tell the stories you remember for which you don't have physical souvenirs.

– Tell your stories in person to family and friends.

Most of all, though, don't give yourself a hard time over not remembering every single thing you've ever done, heard, read or otherwise encountered. It'd be a pretty poor & dull life that was always completely retrievable in every detail by a human brain. So just put the things that really matter to you in some form of "offboard" backup and relax.

Top to Bottom: A clean sweep

You know what must be done and it won't REALLY take that long. Close the nice clean bedroom's door, grab the broom and/or the vacuum and give the rest of the house a good round of detritus removal.

Listen to some music or a book on headphones (with an iPod or what have you) while you do this and it will go even easier.

When you're done, look around. The place looks pretty decent, huh? Enjoy the weekend!

Top to Bottom: Fighting the Dust Bunnies

Gird yourself for battle and head to the bedroom.

Cover the pillows so they don't get dusty & make you sneeze later. Wear a dust mask if it's really bad.

Shake the curtains to get the dust in them heading down to the floor.

Take everything out from under the bed, wipe it off, vacuum up all the dust, and shove what you still want to keep back under there.

While you're at it tackle anything else in the room that isn't flush to the floor & get the dust out from under there too.

Give the whole room a good pass with the duster and after the air settles a bit, vacuum the whole room.

Hooray! Non-itchy bedroom!

Top to Bottom: Up Against the Wall

Today's quick chore is to take a damp cloth and clean up marks on the walls & around the light switches. (In the latter case, less damp is preferable; electrocution is not all its cracked up to be).

Give the windowsills & frames a wipe too.

Last, look around at the art you have up on the wall and your curtains. Happy with everything? Or are there a couple projects to add to your list to change to something better?