Send even the sentimental stuff on to a new home when the time comes

This very funny "free if you come get it" offer came through on my company's community email list and reminded me to remind everyone that even the special item sometimes reaches the end of its life with you:

15 years ago, my wife came home with this giant earth-mover tire on top of our Toyota. It's about 3 feet across (maybe a little more), and weighs a whole lot. We stood it up next to our kids' play structure, buried it about one-quarter of the way into the dirt, and it provided years of climbing and sliding fun. Now, the kids are teenagers, and seem to have lost interest in it. Fickle!

Even the good stuff can move on to make room for the life you're living now (or want to be living!)


Sunday is often an ideal day to do a few things to make the rest of the week go easier.

Here's a few ideas:

– pick out your clothes for tomorrow and make sure you have enough clean things to get you through the work week

– if you had to get up early or aren't feeling 100%, take a little nap before sundown, just a catnap to give you a little extra rest

– make sure you have all the groceries you need to eat well and healthy throughout the week ahead

– pack a good lunch for tomorrow

– set out the breakfast things before you go to bed so it's easy to fuel up at the start of the day

– do something fun and silly – laughter is great medicine!

– take a little time to be still, do nothing at all, and let you mind lose its busy buzzing.