4 thoughts on “Soup Day!”

  1. Great idea! I made spicy vegetable beef soup in the crockpot on this nasty rainy day and it was yummy – plus I’ll be able to eat it for days and freeze more.


  2. crazy I made a massive pot of chicken and barley soup by chance yesterday. I’m doing what Anne is doing and eating it for days for lunch. Good for my wallet and my waistline.


  3. Yay for soup! I’d never made soup from scratch until very recently, and it was amazingly easy. Just throw your veggies (and meat, if you like) in some mixture of liquids (water, wine, soy sauce, stock, beer, whatever you like) and boil the hell out of it until it’s tasty.
    You can get fancier if you like, but you don’t need to, it doesn’t necessarily make it tastier, and it’s directly contrary to the spirit of this blog. 🙂


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