Get Cookin’

Cook a meal for someone or several someones.

Creativity, caring, connection, plus eating. Hard to go wrong with that combo!

(And don't worry if you aren't a cook, just make Mac & Cheese or something and follow the instructions on the box. Relax and pay attention and it'll be fine.)

Author: dinahsanders

Author. Discardian. Defender of life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness. she/her

One thought on “Get Cookin’”

  1. We do this for our neighbors every Christmas season. It’s quite fun to take over an entire meal to them (this year was a sausage lentil soup with whole wheat beer bread, and a bottle of wine). As the new year begins, we have found joy in cooking for ourselves again. A well-balanced healthy dinner feeds multiple parts of ourselves: the desire to eat well, the happiness of a hot, tasty meal, a mild de-tox from the holiday excesses.


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