Creative Adjustment

Who are you now and how have you changed since you last asked that?
Are you doing projects based on the old you's available time, energy and interests? Do they still fit you now?

Run through your mental list of "I really ought to get better at…" goals. Do they still fit you now and the you you want to be at the end of 2007?

Me, I'm entering what I expect will be the busiest year of my professional life since I ran my own business and in which I think I'll probably travel more often than my two previous busiest years of travel combined.

So, adjustment #1: letting go of the commitment to publish to my website every day.
It's not to say I won't still post as inspiration strikes, but I don't need to come home from work to a whole other to-do list & set of deadlines. When work is a steady race against an enormous set of goals, clocking out needs to be filled with free time, flexibility, open-ended playing, easily conquered projects chosen to match my mood and energy, and the option to do nothing in particular at all.

Another major part of this work year is reminding myself of my current role which has grown increasingly strategic and focused on customer relationship building.

Thus adjustment #2: bidding farewell to that little internal voice which still worries about my XHTML, Javascript & CSS skills slipping behind the cutting edge.
I don't build web pages anymore. I create the vision for applications which use the web. My background helps me in proposing features and designs, but I don't have to put all the pieces together to make it go – and what's more that hasn't been my job for over 4 years.

How about you? Are your expectations of yourself up-to-date?

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

4 thoughts on “Creative Adjustment”

  1. My goal is to put all the things together that make it go.
    I’ve been switching my skills at the job from print to the Web and want to be doing more of that this year.


  2. My Goal for the year is to do the things that I say I will. I had to take one of those online personality assessments for a job and lied the whole way through (i.e. I gave them the answers that I knew they wanted and not the truth). At the end I was like, damn! why can’t I be that person?


  3. > So, adjustment #1: letting go of the commitment to publish to my website every day.
    Or you could just automate some of it … Typepad will let you schedule posts. Selfishly hoping for as many Discardian tips as I can possibly get,


  4. Alas, it still means writing that many.
    I haven’t pledged not to write more, but I’m freeing myself of the obligation to regularly write more. 🙂


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