Public Thanks

Say thank you today. Even if what you want to thank is big and a bit abstract.

Here are a couple lovely examples of grateful writing from the wonderful and deeply lamented Leslie Harpold. It's nice to think of her in the sort of Heaven she describes.

The Thread that Runs So True (Some of what the web has taught me.)

The web is made of people holding hands for safety muddling through the
mazes of life, love, work, success, failure, and everything in between.

Possible Scenarios for Heaven

The novel you wished would never end doesn't and peonies bloom year
round. You are encouraged to watch movies from an oversized bathtub.


Thank you everyone for a great year exploring Discardia. Your comments and emails have been so encouraging and I'm really happy with the way I've been able to bring these principles into my life and to share them around the world.

Writing for a whole year on a single topic was a crazy idea and I'm so grateful for the way you've cheered me on and kept me at it. I hope you have projects that blossom this way and get to stretch yourselves too.


You'll probably see posts from me now and then – I've got the Discardian life fully under my skin now and I'm loving it, so I bet I'll have new things to share – but there's no predicting when. Keep me in your feed reader or check back every month and see if inspiration has struck me.

I encourage you all to keep exploring Discardia and finding ways to make your lives richer with less in your way. It's been great to have your voices joining into this grand idea.

Thank you.

And happy discarding!

Author: Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

9 thoughts on “Public Thanks”

  1. I read Discardian’s feed from my LiveJournal, thus this is my first time to comment here.
    Thank you, for inspiring me everyday to the good, simple things in life. Thank you for the great links, which often open my eyes to new ideas, make me laugh, or give me teary eyes.
    I’m so glad I found Discardian – I can’t even remember how I found it but thank goodness I found it! Keep up the good work, I wish you all the best for the coming days and years!
    Best regards from Germany!


  2. Thank you, Discardian, for all the ideas in the past year. I have looked forward to opening each post first thing in the morning. Hope to hear more from you with time!


  3. Thank YOU, for all of your encouragement and for your positive attitude! I am a late-comer to your posts, and my positive attitude is that now I have almost a year’s worth to catch up on!
    We took 15 boxes of books and dishes – ur, in separate boxes, clearly – out of our condo last night. Thank you for the encouragement!


  4. Great huge Thank You! to the Queen of Discardia herself for dreaming up the whole holiday and showing us such simple ways to make such a big difference in our lives and our homes. I’ve loved starting every day with a new tip and I can still get fresh ideas by reading categories and seeing things with new eyes.


  5. Thanks for writing Discardian! It would have been a must-read even if it wasn’t effectively mandatory. Congratulations, too, on this meta-Discardian move.


  6. Ta-da! What a wonderful job. I’ve been reading along for several months, and always seem to take something away with me. Thank you.
    [begin plug alert]
    I’ll be picking up some of your themes when I debut Lighter Footstep in a few weeks.
    [end plug alert]
    Congratulations on a terrific year of postings.


  7. I want to give a huge THANK YOU to you. I came to your site just some weeks ago and did not read everyday. But when I did so you really hit a nerve.
    I wish you good luck on your future projects and for sure I will loook here again for coming postings or for surfing in the old.


  8. Thanks Dinah! Nothing quite like having the voice of someone you care about come through loud and clear once a day for a whole year.


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