3 thoughts on “Happy New Year Heresy”

  1. Dinah,
    Some good old stuff is really good. I’m thinking of your archived posts and wishing there were some way to have the hanger trick, for example, come up every six months on my rss feeds. Or occasionally get a reminder to go outside and look at trees just because I can.
    Do you have any plans to recycle your blog posts? Some of the more topical ones may not be appropriate, but the Two Priorities posts are fabulous, as are the Bag #1,2,3 posts. While anyone can go back through the archives and set a reminder in Google calendar, it would be quite helpful if you had an rss feed for those of us wishing to relive the past as well as those of us cheered by your rarer posts now.
    Would you be willing to set something like that up? Please?
    Thank you in any case. Discardia is a lovely tradition to adopt and maintain.


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