2 thoughts on “New Discardia public iCal calendar now available”

  1. Thank you so much, now I will actually use my iCal! LOL
    I am such a fan of the whole ‘discardia’ idea. By letting go of things, I am making other people happy! Wow! Clothes hanging in my closet, not worn for ages, makes someone else happy. Books that have been sitting on the shelf for .. YEARS .. passed to someone else, makes them happy. yeehawww ..
    This is wonderful, keep on spreading the luv!
    Julie Andrea


  2. Hooray!
    And great timing for this reminder of happiness for other people too as a by-product of letting go; I’m about to take a HUGE bunch of clothes off to sell. The reminder that I’m getting not only a lighter load myself, happier myself, and a wee bit of cash, but also making other people happy will help when the cash bit is especially wee.


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