Happy Discardia!

This time around we have a very short Discardian holiday, just four days with the new moon coming this Saturday. That's a lot like the narrow moments of opportunity we can face day to day. When you've only got a little time, what can you accomplish?

First, keep what you do spend that little time on aligned to your biggest goals. What matters most to you in your life? What could you do to honor that in the next five minutes? Even if it's just sending an email or making an appointment on your calendar to take action at a specific later date, that's an affirmation of your intent. You are allowed to have what you truly love be a greater part of your daily life.

Second, be fair to yourself about how much is realistic to try for in these last weeks of December—and, for that matter, in the month of January. Remember that you'll achieve more over the coming year if you don't start it burnt out. You don't have to say yes to every offer or request that comes to you.

Third, upgrade a few things. Eliminate one annoyance, perhaps by making a small repair or freeing yourself from an unrewarding commitment. Improve one thing you do every day, perhaps by replacing something worn out or giving yourself a tool you've been lacking. Expand your understanding in one area that will fuel your dreams, perhaps by taking 20 minutes a day to read up on it or by planning lunch with someone who can talk you through it.

These positive actions taken over the next few days can help fill your sails for the year ahead. Where would you like to go?