Where to get it

eBook $2.99

Looking for EPUB? The iBooks link above sells DRM-free EPUB files.

Trade paperback $14.95

Get it from Amazon or an independent bookstore through IndieBound.

Best of all, support me and your local bookstore. I know the following stores have stocked it before (and it is available for ordering at most others):

San Francisco, CA:

  • Books, Inc Laurel Village
  • Books, Inc Marina
  • Books, Inc Opera Plaza
  • Bookshop West Portal
  • The Booksmith
  • The Green Arcade
  • Modern Times Bookstore

Gualala, CA:

  • Four-Eyed Frog Books

Austin, TX:

  • Barnes & Noble Sunset Valley

Retailers: If your store is unable to get the book through your usual suppliers, and you want some copies, please contact me by emailing Dinah @ this domain. Thanks!

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