Use the tech that brings you value

… and use that tech in a way that brings value to the people you use it with.

Hello, Rocketboom viewers!

Twitter is good for keeping in touch, but be sure to populate your list of friends you follow with only those whose updates you really want to see.

Also, you don't have to get every message sent to your phone or IM client. As a quick thermometer of what a group of people are up to, the web page view is a nice service. Brief, frequently silly, ignorable as necessary.

If Twitter isn't for you, you can probably get a similar effect from your Flickr contacts page or blog post titles in an RSS reader.

Bottom line: just because you're friends you're not obligated to keep up with the entirety of each other's electronic output.

Public Thanks

Say thank you today. Even if what you want to thank is big and a bit abstract.

Here are a couple lovely examples of grateful writing from the wonderful and deeply lamented Leslie Harpold. It's nice to think of her in the sort of Heaven she describes.

The Thread that Runs So True (Some of what the web has taught me.)

The web is made of people holding hands for safety muddling through the
mazes of life, love, work, success, failure, and everything in between.

Possible Scenarios for Heaven

The novel you wished would never end doesn't and peonies bloom year
round. You are encouraged to watch movies from an oversized bathtub.


Thank you everyone for a great year exploring Discardia. Your comments and emails have been so encouraging and I'm really happy with the way I've been able to bring these principles into my life and to share them around the world.

Writing for a whole year on a single topic was a crazy idea and I'm so grateful for the way you've cheered me on and kept me at it. I hope you have projects that blossom this way and get to stretch yourselves too.


You'll probably see posts from me now and then – I've got the Discardian life fully under my skin now and I'm loving it, so I bet I'll have new things to share – but there's no predicting when. Keep me in your feed reader or check back every month and see if inspiration has struck me.

I encourage you all to keep exploring Discardia and finding ways to make your lives richer with less in your way. It's been great to have your voices joining into this grand idea.

Thank you.

And happy discarding!


Sorry for the late post today, gang, but I was off last night having dinner with friends and then going to a biiiiiig party (the EFF's sweet 16 birthday bash!) and chatting with tons of my online friends I don't get to see face to face often enough.

This weekend grab you friends and go do something fun. Go to parties [Happy Birthday, Matt!] and visit favorite haunts.

Now's the time to pick up the phone or open that chat window and say "hey, whatcha doin' this weekend? Let's hang out!"

Seasonal Flavors

This past week I've really been enjoying the delicious flavors of January in the northern hemisphere.

Sounds odd? Not at all.

It's a good time of year for root vegetables – slow cooked carrots, parsnips & onions with rosemary, for example – and for deep green treats like Brussels sprouts – the best ever of which I just had the other night at Cav on Market Street in San Francisco and which were cooked with cider, I think, to take off a little of the bitterness.

It's also a perfect time for baking – breads, pies, casseroles – and soup-making.

Mmm, and time to break out the aged treats – cheeses, wine, cured meats, pickles, jams.

What good flavors can you find in January where you live?

Love Life & Your Friends Fiercely

If you have to let go of everything else to get a good hold on this, do it.

Care. Madly, passionately.

Be yourself. There's no such thing as "larger than life"; be fully alive and present and true and it doesn't get more important than that.

Laugh. Loud, long, often.

Smile. And get other people to do it too.

Be kind. Randomly, bewilderingly, unexpectedly, sweetly.

I'll miss you, Leslie. But you won't stop being an inspiration.