Discard your hurry

Think about when & how you get places and keep your eyes open for ways to enhance the experience, even at the cost of a little extra time.

Instead of flying, have you ever taken a sleeper car on the train somewhere? It's really cool!

Could you walk that 12 blocks instead of taking a bus or a cab and get to enjoy nice weather and interesting sights?

Going on a trip for business? Can you build in a day or two at the beginning or end to explore a new city?

Instead of driving have you found out about other fun options? Is there a boat that goes there?

Build some flexibility for adventure into your life and keep a little bit of that vacation attitude year-round.

Make a game!

Have you ever tried to make up a game? It's fun! Though it can take a bit of playing it and tweaking the rules to get a game that has good play balance, the more games you try making, the better you'll get at it.

Break out paper, pencils, crayons, dice, cards, pieces from other games, anything you think might be good ingredients for your creativity. Think about aspects of games you enjoy and work those in. Get your friends and family to help improve it.

I just came up with a game that uses pennies, 6 index cards, and a 12-sided die. It's called 72 Penny Opera. Give it a try and tell me what you think!

(Further sources of inspiration: Cheapass Games, 1000 Blank White Cards)

Do you really like mass-produced media best?

Corporate-produced entertainment costs money, usually involves advertising, and frequently leaves one unsatisfied.

Tonight, make your own. Write, sing, play instruments, take pictures, make movies… whatever you feel like. Share it with a friend or a lot of friends.

There are lots of free ways to share things online, but maybe tonight is perfect for a jam session with some pals, having a cup of coffee with a writing buddy, or letting your kids cast you in their new theatrical production.

Go, do, make!

Discard passivity! It’s maker week at Discardian

Don't just consume some corporate product; make! And support your fellow makers!

I went to the Maker Faire this weekend and it was wonderful to see the range of things that people are doing because it pleases them to do so. Science, crafts, art, general geekery and personal passion everywhere you look. Check out the list of makers and descriptions of their projects – such a fun variety!

What interests you? Look around tonight and think over those projects you started but never finished or always wanted to do.

Instead of turning on the tv or otherwise blobbing out after work this week, work in some creative time to tinker.

Give yourself space – physical, mental and chronological – to play. Life deserves joy and passion and simple pleasures.

Go ahead. Make a forest out of legos, create your own stenciled t-shirt, learn backyard rocketry, turn an old book cover into a clutch purse. Whatever – just do something for the pleasure of doing it and learning how it works.

Evening stroll

If the weather isn't absolutely horrid – if it's just sprinkling a little you aren't exempted! – pop out of the house this evening and walk about a bit. Go look at the park or head up to the nearest high ground to get a view into the distance. Or stroll down to the shops and pick up some fresh bread or something nice for dinner or dessert.

Look around as you walk. Make eye contact with people. Smile and greet them as you pass.

Spring Sunday

If it's raining, bake something. Even you non-cooks! Just go down to the store and get something ready-to-bake like biscuits or cinnamon rolls or cookies. Take some to a neighbor and get acquainted.

If it's not raining, plant some flowers. Windowbox, curbside planting area, garden, elderly neighbor's garden. Just get some flowers and dirt and springtime into your senses.

Hello, World

Here's a nice Saturday morning routine you might want to start.

Get up and have a little breakfast. Pour a cup of your favorite morning beverage and head out to your front stoop with the broom.

Shake the doormat, pick up any trash about the place, and sweep the dirt up.

If you live in an apartment building, this could just be sweeping a bit around your door and the path you take to the stairs or elevator, but I recommend even in that case going on down to the street door and sweeping the sidewalk. It doesn't take long, it makes a place you see every day nicer, and it gives you a chance to say hello to your neighbors.

Urban and suburban lives are often far more isolated than is healthy, either for the people who live that way or the neighborhood as a whole. Get to know at least the faces and better yet, some names.

Shake up your tongue

Most of us choose what to eat by habit.

Today, go to the market with the best produce in town and pick out a new vegetable and a new fruit to try. As the nice produce person for help in choosing and how to prepare your new treat.

Simple is good.

Vegetables that just need to be steamed and have a little lemon juice squeezed over them are great. Try something else in a family of food you like. Enjoy broccoli? Ever try the romanesque variety? It's Fibonacci-licious.

Most fruit just needs to be cut up, so that's easy. Try something peculiar looking if you're adventurous today. Or if not, just hold an apple tasting.

Discard Your Isolation

You are not going home this evening without going out & about first.

Don't go to a movie. Don't go someplace where no one talks to each other.

Go to a coffeehouse that has boardgames and find someone to play something with you. Or try the senior center. Or chat with neighbors working in their yards. Or go to a bowling alley or ice rink and ask for some help improving your skills. Or a pub and improving your darts game. Or the grocery store and how to pick a good avocado. Walk through the dog park and see if someone will let you throw a ball for their enthusiastic puppy. Visit the bookstore and ask for recommendations from other customers.  Go to the coffee shop at a museum and find someone who'll take you to their favorite piece and tell you why they like it. Pretend to be a tourist and ask people to tell you the best place to hang out in your town.

Do not come home until you've had at least 3 interesting conversations.