Six months!

How about that, huh? Six months of daily tips! And my brain, good links, and your suggestions haven't dried up yet, so more to come.

So what's today's tip?

When you come up with a wild idea that won't really cost you any money, where you have some experience in that area and you do really like the idea, sleep on it for a few days and if you still want to do it, go for it!

It'll probably work out great and even if it doesn't, I bet you'll learn a lot from the whole project.

Don't avoid something just because you're afraid to fail or you're also being afraid to succeed.

Linky Goodness on Goal-Setting

From LifeHacker, here's a link to The 10 Commandments of Goal-Setting.

My favorite is number 9, Thou Shalt Inspect What Thy Expect:

The Shelf life of all
plans is limited.

I have written about objects that are doing "dream duty" and which therefore should be considered for discarding if the dream isn't really yours anymore. This is the purely mental version of that.


Today would be a great day to get together with someone you like and respect and talk about your dreams.

Not (necessarily) those things your brain does while you sleep, but what you've been wishing for in the past and lately.

What we're longing for and daydreaming about is very important to who we are. It informs the stories we want told about us when we're gone.

Talk with someone today about who you've wanted to become, what turned out to happen, what you're dreaming of now.

Maybe you'll also talk about how to make those new dreams real, but that's not important today. Just talk and remember and mull things over. Put some ingredients in your mental soup pot and see what it cooks up after you let it simmer for a week or two.

Getting motivated

Here are some good tips on motivation from Life Hacker.

This bit made me smile:

To motivate himself for the marathon, for example, my friend has made
an agreement with his sister. He's writing her a check for a sizable
sum, and if he doesn't complete the race, she's going to cash the
check. Now he has a lot more at stake than health and fitness, which by
itself is normally a relatively easy thing to ignore.

Be bold

When there's something you know you really want to do and circumstances are all lined up to support it, but it's a really big leap, ask yourself if the regret if you don't do it outweighs the risks if you do.

It's good to plan, it's good to have safety nets and it's good to keep yourself from getting over-extended in general, but sometimes it is the right time to stretch.

Don't make yourself miss out on the good, but hard stuff just because it's hard.

Go for it!